Beer Hall

In the front area of the former inn you will immediately notice the huge Schäfflerwagenkranz, a ceiling lamp with historical figures. It serves to honour the profession of a cooper, whose dance is world famous. It was first performed in 1517. They wanted to send a positive signal against the pestilence. Since 1986 the Association of Cooper has had its home in the Augustiner original building, where you do not only get together socially, but also maintain the tradition of dance.

You continue past historical pictures and wall frescoes until suddenly two monkeys greet you cheerfully from the wall. The “monkey” has always served as a portrait for “intoxication”. No wonder that the so-called "monkey box" hangs here. For decades it has shown artists from the former nearby Academy of Arts the way to their regulars' table.

A few steps further you can see a large newly designed bar. The copper shines splendidly. Here waiters let the freshly tapped Augustiner beer flow freely. At the same time, the bar serves as a connecting element between two small beer hall rooms. Depending on time, you can cheer vigorously when a ball rolls over the large screen or the Formula 1 cars whiz around the curves.