Iberl Bühne

As the Bavarian Volkstheater, the Iberl stage is known far beyond Munich's borders. Georg Maier, who ran the restaurant of the same name in Solln, founded it in 1966. He continues to work as an author, stage director, actor and theatre director. One of his most successful pieces is the legendary Grattler Opera, which has been played over 1000 times since its premiere in 1978.

In 2014 the Iberl Bühne moved from the south of Munich into the old town. It found its new home in the rear building of the Augustiner original building. And right here, where once the legendary “Sugar Shack” wild rock sounded from the boxes, the Bavarian dialect is diligently spoken today. Responsible for the culinary delicacies: the kitchen team of the Augustiner original building, that - before the curtain rises - serves up a lot in the rustic theatre parlour.

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The cultural media is always enthusiastic about the Iberl Bühne:

“The Iberl Bühne from Munich, a sophisticated and funny theatre, is a guarantee for a good mood. The Bavarian dialect is the tool, which reaches the audience directly”.

(Münchner Merkur 28.2.2014)