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Top quality from Gut Granerhof

in the Alpine uplands of Upper Bavaria

Freshness and quality from Gut Granerhof guarantee that you will enjoy their meat from traceable sources and butchering.

On our land herds of cows live with their calves in summer on the sweeping, green pasture land of the Bavarian Alpine uplands near Peißenberg/ Böbing. They are fed exclusively on feed from contractual partners in the region. The same is true of our venison, from deer which browse on the lush meadows.

In a former farm building we have installed a modern processing plant, on order to prepare the meat most carefully for use in our gastronomy. Tasty meat and sausage specialities are freshly prepared for the Bavarian cuisine.

From there, they arrive by the shortest route into our kitchen and on to your plate. Of course, the Granerhof is not able, on its own, to satisfy our requirements for meat. Therefore we obtain our other supplies from sources where livestock are reared under strictly controlled conditions, where possible from our own region, in order to guarantee the quality we offer you.

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130 Limousine cattle and their calves, as well as some 100 red and fallow deer graze on 136 hectares of pasture land and 72 hectares of forest.

If you would like to see Gut Granerhof for yourself or buy something to cook at home, drop in to the Gut Granerhof shop in the courtyard.

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