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For the big event

The Green Room is especially suitable for larger groups of up to 300 persons.

Whether you plan a lively evening ball, a business party or a panel discussion, this space is large enough for your event. A gleaming parquet floor positively invites you to dance and this hall offers a large stage for artistic displays or performances or a band. Therefore you will be able to make your celebration a memorable experience.

There is additional space and a pleasant view from the upper gallery.

We can offer you suitable music or organise live music for you. In consultation with you we create imaginative cold and hot buffets, fantastic menus and desserts.

That is why we speak to all those about to get married: Dear "Wedding Planners" - come and see us - ask us - tell us what you would like for your dream wedding - and we guarantee you a unique and memorable day!

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Telephone 089 - 23 18 32 57

Fax 089 - 260 53 79 

E-mail: mail@augustiner-restaurant.com

We will be delighted to plan your event with you! Ask about our terms without obligation!!

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