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When it all began

On the 4th May 1294 the foundation stone of the Augustine Abbey was laid on the Haberfeld in “Neuhauser Gasse”.

There is documentary evidence that a brewery was already operating in 1328. After the secularisation of the monasteries the brewery moved to Neuhauserstraße and remained in this second headquarters until 1885.

At the turn of the century this property was redesigned by the well-known architect, Emanuel von Seidl.

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The Augustiner Großgaststätten in the pedestrian precinct in Munich with its Muschelsaal, or Mussel Hall and Arkadengarten or Arcade Garden is one of the few historical buildings from Munich's Art Nouveau period which have remained unchanged.

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The Augustinian beer must have tasted excellent even in the past, for in 1791 the local ruler, the Elector Kart Theodor publicly reprimanded the monks for their appetite for drinking. The Augustinian brewery had already become the "local" drinking place for the baker's assistants and a popular and lively meeting place for local people and visitors to the city.

Since 1948 the Munich gastronome, Manfred Vollmer has held the tenancy of the Augustiner Großgaststätten. The tradition of the house and of the Augustinian brewery is highly valued, as is the famous Bavarian tavern culture.

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