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Weißer Saal

The Augustiner Großgaststätten is very extensive and comprises various individually designed types of reception area, both large and small.

Birthday, anniversary, firm's outing, seminar... - we have the ideal space for every occasion.

With us you can plan all your family and company outings or your celebrations with friends.

We lay and decorate your tables and eating areas in consultation with you to suit the type of celebration - from elegant and distinguished to rustic and cosy or then again, quite modern.

Contact us or one of our managers for advice. We will be happy to spend time with you and to provide you with a quotation.

If you wish, we can assist you to organise the "musical background" to your event. We can give you the names of various live music groups, brass bands, solo entertainers or DJ's.

We offer you and your guests six attractive restaurants and halls on the ground and first floors, as well as areas outdoors for celebration: 

Restaurant - Beer Hall – Muschelsaal (Mussel Hall) - Grüner Saal (Green Hall) - Weißes Zimmer (White Room) - and our unique Arkadengarten (Arcade Garden): - you are certain to find the right space for your event.

But of course, you can also celebrate with us in intimate groups from 2 people upwards. - Make sure you reserve your table!

Our banqueting rooms are fitted out for celebrations, business meals and seminars for groups of from 20 persons up to large groups of up to 300.

Please make enquiries and book well in advance, so that we can give you the date you require.

Telephone 089 - 23 18 32 57

Fax 089 - 260 53 79 

E-mail: mail@augustiner-restaurant.com

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