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Useful facts about beer

The Augustine beer specialities

The Augustine Brewery still brews its beer today according to the requirements of the 1516 Bavarian Purity Act:

A light export beer, smooth, tangy and fresh all at once, brewed from the finest raw ingredients. The top product of the Bavarian brewing tradition.
A special treat for every beer connoisseur.

A particularly mild, tangy, long-seasoned beer, refreshing and light at the same time. A unique taste, a treat for every beer connoisseur.

The quaffable, dark bock which was originally brewed in the monastery for festive occasions in the cooler seasons of the year.

Amber wheat beer, brewed according to well-tried methods from carefully selected raw ingredients. Fermented in the bottle and stored in the brewery's vaulted cellars until it reaches its top maturity, carefully tended, with a mildly spicy taste.

- RZ AGG Edelstoff 21.04.2009
- RZ AGG Helles 21.04.2009
- RZ AGG Maximator 21.04.2009
- RZ AGG Weißbier 21.04.2009

Only the purest water - from our own spring - and the finest hops and malt are used by the master brewer.

- RZ AGG Pils 21.04.2009
- RZ AGG Dunkelf 21.04.2009
- RZ AGG Bock 21.04.2009
- RZ AGG Wiesnbier 21.04.2009

The foam-crowned, tangy beer with the delicate note of hops, brewed according to the original Pilsner brewing method with the finest malt and the best strains of aromatic hops.

The traditional Munich beer with the malty, spicy taste.
For lovers of dark beer it is a profound pleasure.

A full bodied, light brown ale with the true hop flavour.

This particular speciality of the Augustine Brewery is served exclusively during the Munich Oktoberfest.

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