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Business Terms and conditions


1. These Business Terms and Conditions apply to all advance bookings of the supply of gastronomic services which take place within our premises.

 2. All definite menu decisions are to be discussed in advance with a responsible employee of our house; the menu proposals delivered or relayed are not automatically binding.

3. Subsidiary services such as music, all bands, specially printed menu cards or flower arrangements are invoiced separately.

4. Musicians and artiste's fees are either to be paid directly to the relevant person, or are to be made available to us in advance. Any GEMA (Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) fees which may become due are to borne by the event organiser.

5. The event is invoiced on the basis of number of persons indicated in the original booking.

    5.1 We require 3 days' notice of the exact number of persons attending for order of the menu.

    5.2 In the event of partial cancellation, later than 2 weeks before the start of the event, we invoice 60 % of the price of the menu or buffet ordered as cancellation charges. In default of appearance without prior cancellation we invoice 80% of the agreed menu price. For events without a firm menu order we invoice 10.00 ? per notified person, in default of appearance without prior cancellation.
    Complete cancellation of events in closed rooms must be communicated to us in writing 14 days before the start of the event, in the event of cancellation at shorter notice we invoice 80% of the restaurant turnover or 60% of the turnover to be expected. The turnover to be expected lies in the region of 25.00 ? in our house.
    For all oral or telephone alterations, booking, cancellations or reservations our restaurant managers must be contacted.

6. For events extending past 24 h (midnight), we invoice a flat-rate night-time surcharge.

7. Our prices are final prices, in which as a matter of principle Value Added Tax, as required by law, is included. For orders placed in long-term advance, which are placed more than 4 months before the date of the event, we reserve the right to increase the price according to the market and cost situation.

8. Our invoice is immediately payable without delay. For agreements where the invoice is to be sent to a hospitality service, the payment date is 7 days from receipt of invoice. For events of more than 100 persons, we require a prepayment.

9. In the event that the contractual principal is not also the event organiser, he shall be liable also as joint debtor.

10. Damages caused by the event organiser or his guests/clients shall be calculated and invoiced to the event organiser.

11. In the event that, without the written consent of our house, an event of a political nature is organised or there exists good cause to suppose that the event poses a threat to the smooth running of our business, to the safety or the reputation of our house or our guests, as well as in the event of force majeure, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract.

12. Special agreements deviating from the BTC must be in writing.

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